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EPICENTROOM international audio-visual festival

New media, sound art, video art and a new format concerts of contemporary music become the basic elements of an EPICENTROOM international audio-visual festival. The festival takes place in the Pushkinskaya-10 art center in Saint-Petersburg on 28th-29th of September. More than fifty artists and musicians from Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Peru, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden and other countries are to participate in the festival.
Thirty years ago a huge old building in the center of Saint-Petersburg was squatted by a group of young artists and musicians and rapidly became the epicenter of the new culture, free of officials. It was the beginning of the Pushkinskaya-10 art center. Survived in a 7-years fight for existence against city government, Pushkinskaya-10 became an assemblage point of modern culture, a ground of radical message in art and music.

EPICENTROOM transforms the territory of the art center into a single audio-visual space, into a platform for total audio-video performance with a large-scale concert program.

The Festival is organized by Pushkinskaya-10 Art Centre with the support of Culture Committee of Saint Petersburg.

Curator: Dmitry Shubin

Organizational group: Marina Koldobskaya, Miron Muzhdaba, Anastasia Patsey, Julia Rybakova.

Designer: Alexander Menus

PR manager: Evgeny Kitaev