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Full Shift Working 
Bar-ale]’s: Flash animation 
Storage: Video flash animation

Full Shift Working, 2009, 5min
Conveyor system is a tool that exercises a universal operation similar to addition in mathematics and unvaried regardless of the specific object it is applied to. The video is about an abstract process with no end or beginning. A ceaseless stream of signs in the information space is similar to a steady flow of details on the continuous belt. The viewer can only see fragments from his “work place”.

Animation flash animation 2008
Everything occurring on screen looks like something between the schematic layout of a manufacturing technological process and the simple computer model of a biological process.

Storage 2008 Video flash animation
Processors and microchips are vastly produced; the number of transistors reaching 100x the entire population of the planet’s ants. Dense communication networks incite consideration of technology’s operations and processes as an artificially contained micro-space. Routine actions such as checking e-mail or sending SMS are comprised of multiple events and metamorphoses. “Storage” develops from the rhythmically, pulsating sound of a dial-up modem into materialization of pulses linking scattered moments of time, stretching over a line, connecting life.

Anton Khlabov

Anton Khlabov was born in 1986 in Saint-Petersburg. His artistic background involves studying at the Pro Arte Institute, where he attended the Contemporary Art program. His professional experience includes exhibitions at museums and galleries of Saint-Petersburg (Navicula Artis, Belka&Strelka, Freud`s Dreams Museum, Loft Project Etaji), as well as participation in group projects (Contemporary Art In Traditional Museum festival, 2nd Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, Avanto Festival at Kiasma Theater in Helsinki, SKIF festival), where Anton’s video works, photography and installations were presented